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Harvey Bischof, President (Chief Executive Officer)

Harvey Bischof
Harvey Bischof
President (Chief Executive Officer)

Harvey Bischof is an English teacher from Durham and is the President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO). 

Harvey grew up in Pickering, Ontario where he attended elementary and high school.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from Trent University, and a Masters of Arts and Bachelor of Education degree at Queen’s University.  He returned to the Durham area to teach English at Henry Street High School and then at Exeter High School.

Harvey served as the local OSSTF/FEESO District 13 Durham Chief Negotiator and President before his election to the Provincial Executive in 2007 as an Executive Officer.  In 2011, Harvey was elected as a provincial Vice-President, and then as President in 2017.

Harvey believes strongly in evidence-informed practice in education and evidence-based decision making in public policy.  He is a vocal advocate for a strong publicly funded education system with inclusive, full-service schools that offer robust and accessible supports for all students.  An accomplished labour negotiator, he is also a coalition builder who has forged strong alliances within the labour movement at the provincial, national and international levels. Harvey is often sought out by the media as an articulate and authoritative voice on education issues in Ontario.

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