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World Teachers’ Day 2018

October 4, 2018 — Every year on October 5, countries around the globe celebrate World Teachers’ Day. Initiated by UNESCO in 1994, it’s a day on which we recognize the crucial role that the teaching profession plays in the life of any healthy society.

This year on World Teachers’ Day, in conjunction with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, we are celebrating teachers as the heartbeat of public education.

“The theme of this year’s World Teachers’ Day reminds us that a viable public education system must be built around the dedication and professionalism of its teachers,” said OSSTF/FEESO President Harvey Bischof. “Particularly in an era where the proponents of populist politics seek to disavow the importance of knowledge and expertise at every opportunity, it is precisely the knowledge, expertise and professional judgement of teachers that our students rely on to provide them with the skills and the capacity for critical thinking that they will need for success in a rapidly changing world.” 

“On this World Teachers’ Day, I invite all Ontarians to join us in considering and celebrating the central role teachers’ professionalism plays in protecting and enhancing public education in Ontario.”

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