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Minister oblivious to pleas of students

TORONTO, ON – Apr 05 2019 — Yesterday, students across the province took action to protect their education. Student organized and run protests sent a clear message to the Ontario government: Don’t initiate cuts that will reduce the quality of their education. Responding to the student action, Harvey Bischof, President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) said, “We share these students’ concerns and their frustration at not being listened to by this government.”

High school students across Ontario have organized protests against proposed changes in the sex education curriculum, changes to OSAP that affect their ability to enrol in post-secondary studies, and in support of climate change initiatives. These peaceful, student led protests recognize the important role they play in the democratic process.

“This Minister and her government are the ones using students as a smokescreen,” said Bischof. “They never asked students about e-learning in their consultations, or about reductions of classroom teachers or about any of the other changes they propose.”

“Students have a vested interest in their education and are expressing their concerns. The Minister should sit down and listen to their issues instead of dictating what she thinks is best for the next generation of Ontarians,” Bischof pointed out.


OSSTF/FEESO, founded in 1919, has 60,000 members across Ontario. They include public high school teachers, occasional teachers, educational assistants, continuing education teachers and instructors, early childhood educators, psychologists, secretaries, speech-language pathologists, social workers, plant support personnel, university support staff, and many others in education.

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