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Together Fairness Works

Together Fairness Works

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation is pleased to work with the many unions and labour organizations that are represented by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) in a campaign to stop the attacks on the rights of working Canadians.  Together, working people have won decent wages, safer workplaces, fair treatment and other important benefits that keep us healthy and productive.  We have built one of the best public education systems in the world through hard work and professionalism.  However, all of these gains are being threatened.

In Ontario, the Hudak Conservatives have laid out a clear policy to cut over a billion dollars out of our public education system if elected into power.  Ontario has one of the best education systems in the world, a system that has been sustained by the work of teachers and support staff in all of our schools and public education institutions.  Education is an investment into our future and should not fall victim to austerity policies.

At the federal level, Harper has worked to reduce the rights of workers and bring in policies that have only benefitted the wealthiest of Canadians.  The Conservatives have become more focused on “damage control” regarding their friends in the Senate, and have lost touch with working Canadians.

Please review and share the materials, resources and links below with your fellow members and colleagues.  Join us in sending a message to all political parties, both federally and provincially, that the people of Ontario want policies that are fair for all citizens when it comes to public education and labour rights.

Together, we can stand in solidarity against austerity.Together fairness works!

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