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The Educational Services Resource Bank (ESRB) may be used as a resource for OSSTF/FEESO members who are planning professional development activities. Many of these presenters are OSSTF/FEESO members and have participated in OSSTF/FEESO professional development programs and presentations (the ESRB is also available as a PDF document; see Related Attachments at the bottom of the page).

The past practice of the provincial office covering the expenses for approved OSSTF/FEESO members who are listed as speakers/presenters has changed effective October 2015. Only those presentations that have been approved by the Provincial Executive to act as supplemental information to currently offered Educational Services workshops will be funded by Provincial Office.

Districts and bargaining units will be responsible for all costs for all speakers/presenters unless otherwise noted in the chart below. Districts and bargaining units are encouraged to investigate cost-sharing with local employers, as well as with other districts and bargaining units, to assist with funding professional development opportunities. For further information, please contact Rob Dubyk (see Contact Information at the bottom of this page).

To give bargaining units an idea as to the approximate cost of bringing in various speakers, we are providing the following general guideline. Costs may be subject to change, however, and so it is recommended that personal contact be made (using the contact information in the chart) to confirm.

Indicates the cost of the presenter is covered by the Provincial Office
$ 0 - $500 + expenses
$$ $500 - $2,000 + expenses
$$$ $2,000 - $5,000 + expenses
$$$$ $5,000 + expenses

For further information, please contact Rob Dubyk at 416-751-8300 or 1-800-267-7867 or by email at rob.dubyk@osstf.ca.

Provincially-funded ESRB presentations.  Please use contract to book.

Cost Presentation Length (hours) Presenter Contact Information
Living with Bipolar

I share my personal journey with having Bipolar Illness in a candid, humorous and at times, heart wrenching manner.  You will learn and understand more about mental health after hearing my story.  My goal is to educate and change the stigma around mental health illnesses.
1.5 - 2 Tracey Crewson
(OSSTF member)
Costs covered by provincial office.
Contact rob.dubyk@osstf.ca for details and to book.
Compassion Fatigue Awareness:

Compassion Fatigue and its slow erosion of one’s mental health is a very real problem in the field of education.  After experiencing Compassion Fatigue, I took the training and realized that many people involved in education are unaware that they are experiencing this stressful and debilitating mental health problem.  Learn more about Compassion Fatigue (CF), its early warning signs, self-care practices, healthy mental changes, and alternative options and choices.  (1.5 hour presentation provides an overview of CF; half day and full day presentations provide a deeper understanding of CF and allows a development of one’s personal tool box of self-care and CF mental health strategies.)
½ day
Full day
(OSSTF member)
Costs covered by provincial office.
Contact rob.dubyk@osstf.ca for details and to book.
Transgender Issues:

Transgender identities are changing the notion of diversity in the workplace. Our current understanding of gender is complex and rapidly changing – so are the policies which govern our educational workplace. Gain the awareness needed to ensure the school you work in is keeping pace. This presentation familiarizes participants with terminology associated with a variety of gender identities and what it means to support coworkers and students who identify as transgender. Awareness and understanding of gender complexity to support educational workers who are transgender helps create workplaces that respect human rights for everyone.
1.5 - 3 Kael Sharman (OSSTF member) Costs covered by provincial office. Contact rob.dubyk@osstf.ca    for details and to book.
GSA for educators

Does your district have a GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance or Gender Sexuality Alliance) for staff? Or do you currently have one but no one seems to be showing up? This might be the presentation for you. The presentation will focus on methods of creating a GSA for LGBTQ educators and their allies. GSAs for educators have many benefits; it takes away isolation many LGBTQ educators feel, it fosters positive changes and helps overcome homophobia, bi-phobia and transphobia in the workplace and most of all it creates strong networks of LGBTQ educators, their allies and the community at large. If you already have a GSA at your district and are looking at ways to make it stronger, this presentation will give you options to create connections with other educators in your district, community partners as well as creative initiatives to help your GSA expand.
1.5-3 Walter
Cassidy (OSSTF member)
Costs covered by provincial office. Contact rob.dubyk@osstf.ca for details and to book.
The Reality of Precarity: What Part-Time, Casual, and Occasional Employment Means for Us

This workshop invites participants to reflect on the growing trend of part-time, casual, and occasional work across the education sector and its implications for members' lives and livelihoods. Examining precarity through the lens of occasional teaching, the workshop provides space to share best practices and strategically plan ways to address precarity in district and bargaining unit activities.
1.5 - 2 Ty Walkland
Chris Petersen (Both OSSTF members)
Costs covered by provincial office.
Contact rob.dubyk@osstf.ca for details and to book.

SafeTALK is an alertness training that prepares adults, regardless of previous experience, to be a suicide alert helper.
Participants will learn to:
  • Notice and respond to situations where suicide thoughts may be present
  • Recognize invitations for help that are often overlooked
  • Move beyond the common tendency to dismiss or minimize signs
  • Apply the TALK steps and
  • Know the community resources and how to connect someone with further help
3 Paula Ferreira
Kerry Snip (Both OSSTF members)
Costs covered by provincial office.
Contact rob.dubyk@osstf.ca for details and to book.
Move On:  Why we feel angry and anxious and what to do about it

Participants will explore the basics of the neurobiology of behaviour and discover ways to offset the dopamine (stress) response.  We will also look at how this can be applied to your work environment.
1 – 3 Karen
(OSSTF member)
Costs covered by provincial office.
Contact rob.dubyk@osstf.ca for details and to book.

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