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Public Education — It’s For Everyone

Public Education — It’s For Everyone

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Public education in Ontario has a long tradition of providing students with the knowledge, skills and sense of community they need to find success and contribute in a meaningful way to the social and economic fabric of a prosperous and dynamic province.

OSSTF/FEESO believes strongly in that tradition, but we also recognize that in a rapidly growing and changing Ontario, there’s always more work to do to ensure that public education continues to meet the needs of all who rely on it.

We believe that the publicly-funded education system should recognize the following principles:

  • UNIVERSALITY—access for everyone
  • COMPREHENSIVENESS—opportunity for everyone
  • PROFICIENCY—achievement for everyone
  • ACCOUNTABILITY—value for everyone

Ontario’s public education system is perhaps the province’s most important asset. OSSTF/FEESO members continue to dedicate their time and energy to protecting and enhancing that system, just as we have for almost 100 years. And we believe it’s important for Ontario’s government to have a similar commitment to ensuring that public education works for everyone.

Here is what we believe the Ontario Government needs to do to protect and enhance publicly-funded education in our province:

Early Learning
More Professional Support for ALL Students
Professional Judgement and Collaboration
Funding Formula
University Funding and Oversight
One Public Education System in Each Official Language
School Boards Collective Bargaining Act
Lobby Day – November 28, 2018

Below is a PDF copy of the materials presented to Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) at the OSSTF/FEESO Lobby Day at Queen’s Park on November 28, 2018

Lobby Day Package for MPPs – November 28, 2018  

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