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André Lécuyer Award

Andre Lecuyer Award


This award was created in honour of a former Associate General Secretary of OSSTF/FEESO.   It is presented each year at the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly to recognize outstanding contributions, especially in the area of professional development.  It is one of two major awards given by the Educational Services committee.

The deadline for nominations is January 31 and must be submitted online by clicking on the Nomination Form link below:

The electronic form features file upload capability.  You may submit attachments no larger than 20 MB.  Each file should be no more than 3MB.  If you submit your online form with attachments over 20 MB, you will arrive at a Page Not Found error.  If your attachments are large, we recommend you email them to or mail them to Randy Banderob.


Nomination Form






The Educational Services committee (ESC) wishes to recognize the extraordinary leadership and service of the dedicated members who have contributed to improving professional growth programs at various levels and promoting issues of educational concern to our members.


The Educational Services committee will consider the following criteria when making its decisions on the recipients of these awards:


  • The candidate’s length of service and leadership in the process and events of professional development at the Branch, Bargaining Unit, District, Regional or Provincial level.
  • The candidate’s involvement in a variety of professional development activities, supporting members’ equal access to professional growth and/or research or curriculum activities.
  • The candidate’s capacity influence in providing significant opportunities for members to meet, share ideas and reflect upon a variety of professional concerns.
  • The candidate’s capacity in reflecting the goals of the Educational Services committee’s mission statement:


‘The mission of the Educational Services committee is to foster and promote the professional growth of OSSTF/FEESO members in order to enhance the quality of education in Ontario by investigating and researching educational issues and providing direction, information, skills and resources to members and the broader community.’




The Educational Services committee will determine which, if any, applicant will receive the award based on the established criteria.  Educational Services committee reserves the right not to grant the award in any given year.



Nomination Form

 Who can propose?           Any active Bargaining Unit Member in OSSTF/FEESO.  All Districts and Bargaining Units are encouraged to nominate at least one candidate 
Who must nominate?  A District or Bargaining Unit Executive must endorse the nominee.
Who is eligible?  All active members of OSSTF/FEESO in good standing with the exception of members of the Educational Services committee.
What is required?  Provide concrete examples to support the nomination.
Where will the presentation occur?  Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly
How will winner be notified? The Educational Services committee will send a letter of congratulations to the winner of this award and a letter of notification to the candidate’s District/Bargaining Unit President.
Publicity  OSSTF/FEESO will publicize the contributions of the award winner in its publications

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Previous Winners                                        


1983-1984 – Robert Morrow Jr.  D 36 Wentworth 
1984-1985 – Richard A. Dodds  East York Director of Education
1985-1986 – Not Awarded  

1986-1987 – Doreen Smith

1987-1988 – Karl McCutcheon D 12 Etobicoke
1988-1989 – Susan F. Stephenson D 10 Peel

1989-1990 – Bob Cottrell 

D 19 Quinte
1990-1991 – Kenneth I. Lee    D 06 Lincoln
1991-1992 – Susan Ratcliffe             

D 39 Wellington

1992-1993 – Jan Wilson

D 25 Renfrew

1993-1994 – Bob Putnam D 15 Toronto
1994-1995 – Linda Crossley D 04 London
1995-1996 – Peter Lipman D 16 Scarborough
1996-1997 – Rebecca Caldwell Crouse D 10 Peel
1997-1998 – Jack Couckuyt D 35 Elgin
1998-1999 – Kevin Crouse D 21 Hamilton – Wentworth
1999-2000 – Ann Cok – Petz D 21 Hamilton – Wentworth

2000-2001 – Stella Morettin

D 21 Hamilton – Wentworth
2001-2002 – Laura Donatelli D 22 Niagara
2002-2003 – Dianna Bartholomew D 6A Thunder Bay
2002-2003 – Michael Budd D 09 Greater Essex
2003-2004 – William Costiniuk D 01 Ontario North East
2004-2005 – Gerry Culhane D 01 Ontario North East
2005-2006 – Suzette Clark D 09 Greater Essex
2006-2007 – Not awarded  
2007-2008 – Susan Burchell   D 21 Hamilton – Wentworth
2008-2009 – Not Awarded  
2011-2012 - Sue Doughty Smith

D 6A Thunder Bay

2011-2012 – Kevin McFadden D 14 Kawartha Pine Ridge
2012-2013 – Carole Dion D 33 District de l’Est
2013-2014 – Mike Bettiol D 19 Peel
2014-2015 – Not Awarded  
2015-2016 – Greg Thurston D 11 Thames Valley
2016-2017 – Not Awarded  
2017-2018 – Not Awarded  



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