Certification Application Forms and Procedures · Certification Rating Statement (CRS) — Initial Evaluation



Certification Rating Statement (CRS) — Initial Evaluation

Follow this procedure to receive an initial Certification Rating Statement (CRS) once you have been hired to teach in an Ontario public high school.

1. Check your local collective agreement for deadlines for submission of a CRS to your school board. Notify your school board that you are pending a CRS (if necessary).

Don’t miss out on retroactive salary!

2. Print/obtain a copy of the current Certification Form 1.

3. Page 1

  • Complete all sections.

4. Page 2

  • All submission must include a copy of the Certificate of Qualification and proof of membership in OSSTF/FEESO.
  • If you already have a Letter of Assessment or Letter of Appraisal then you do not need to provide further transcripts/trade papers.
  • All others must complete either the Academic Teachers or Technological Teachers sections (one only)
  • Sign and date the form!

5. Submit your form along with all relevant documentation to the OSSTF/FEESO Certification Department at the address at the top of Form 1.

Your application cannot be processed until all of the required documents have been received by the Certification Department.

You will receive an acknowledgement letter from the Certification Department identifying the date your application was received.

6. After a minimum of 8–10 weeks you will receive an 8 ½ x 11 Certificate and a letter identifying your Group rating. Submit a copy to your board.

Failure to notify your school board will mean lost salary!

7. The letter from the Certification Department will explain how to proceed to the next highest Group. Keep this letter on file for future reference.

Please contact the Certification Department if you have any questions or concerns.