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Certification Evaluation Process

The OSSTF/FEESO Certification Department evaluates a teacher's academic and technological credentials according to the Regulations of the Certification Plan and then issues Certification Rating Statements.

All inquiries, course approvals and re-evaluations must be accompanied by a completed application form.

Download the Certification Bylaws (PDF) and Certification Regulations (PDF) to read specific requirements for the following charts:

 Academic Chart using the Honour Specialist and Three Session Specialist Pathways

 Honour Technological Studies Specialist Chart


Only the Certification Department can give authoritative advice on the certification process.
Applications and Procedures
Application for an Initial Certification Rating Statement (CRS)
Re-evaluation for Group Change
Upgrading Requirements
Change a Provisional Rating Statement to a Permanent Rating Statement
Duplicate Certification Rating Statement
Change of name and/or change of address
Course approval application
Application for a Letter of Appraisal
Change a Letter of Assessment or Letter of Appraisal to a Permanent Rating Statement
Application for Voluntary Membership and Certification Services
Appeal procedure (refer to Procedure 9.13 — Appeals to the Certification Appeal Board)