Public Education · Toward 2022 and Beyond


Public Education

Toward 2022 and Beyond

OSSTF/FEESO Education Platform

Ontario’s public education system is perhaps the province’s most important asset and the cornerstone of a strong society. OSSTF/FEESO members continue to dedicate their time and energy to protecting and enhancing that system, just as we have for over 100 years. Moreover, we believe it’s important for all of Ontario’s elected officials to have a similar commitment to ensuring that public education works for everyone.

We must do everything possible to elect an education-friendly provincial government, opposition, and school board trustees in 2022.

The information and resources provided on this page will continue to evolve as we approach the next provincial and municipal elections. 

Members are encouraged to share any questions, ideas, or concerns related to the 2022 elections with their local district/bargaining unit executive and/or with provincial office using the Contact Us form on the provincial website.

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