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Bob Brooks Award

The Bob Brooks Award is presented for excellence in school community relations. The award may be bestowed, once in a career, upon an individual OSSTF/FEESO member, a staff, or a Federation group. Nominations are encouraged from school staffs, parent or community groups, student councils or individuals. Each nomination must have approval from the district executive.

Past Winners

1979 Terry Clifford  
1980 Eugene Tenus  
1981 Staff – Loyalist C.V.I.
1982 Fred Burford  
1983 Murray Juffs  
1984 After Four, District 5, Bruce Strong
1985 Danforth Technical School
1986 Brockton High School
1987 Michael Schertzer  
1988 Robert Asselstine  
1989 Robert McCarthy  
1990 Margaret Davey  
1991 Roger Langen  
1992 Clarkson Secondary School
1993 Joe Drago  
1994 William Dickie  
1995 Vera Taylor  
1996 Thomas Davis  
1997 Gary Gauthier  
1998 Maxine Lane  
1999 Leonard Skye  
2000 Ray Pidzamecky and Penny Smith
2002 Dave Babbitt  
2003 Bonnie Blunt  
2004 Norma Rockwood  
2005 Bruce Davidson  
2006 Janie Kelly  
2007 Betty Finley  
2010 David Sheridan  
2011 Brad Thomas  
2013 Michael Wright  

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