OSSTF/FEESO Awards of Recognition for Members

James Forster Human Rights Award · Nomination Form



Nomination Form

Please forward this form along with the necessary attachments to:

Wayne Milliner
Executive Assistant
OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office
60 Mobile Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M4A 2P3

no later than January 31st.
Part I - Nominee

1. Name (in full)
2. Workplace Address
3. Telephone
(Please include area code)
4. Current Federation Position
(District Committee; Bargaining Unit/Branch Executive; other)
Part II - Nominator

1. District/Bargaining Unit
2. Contact Person
3. Workplace Address
4. Telephone
(Please include area code)
5. Executive Resolution
Please provide the official minute item and date of meeting.
Part III - Nomination Citation

Please describe the contribution(s) of the nominee. OSSTF/FEESO will make use of this citation in the award presentation.