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The Liz Barkley Status of Women Award

The Liz Barkley Status of Women Award, named in recognition of a former OSSTF/FEESO president, is presented annually at AMPA to recognize activism and leadership by an OSSTF/FEESO member in advocating and building awareness on women's economic and equality issues. The award is sponsored by the Provincial Status of Women Committee.

Guidelines for Nominations

The following are some areas to consider when nominating an OSSTF/FEESO member for the Liz Barkley Status of Women Award.

  • Involvement in projects to support gender equity and safety
  • Development of programs that have a positive impact on the lives of female students
  • Initiatives to enhance women’s involvement, activism and opportunities for leadership
  • Political action and advocacy to protect and enhance equality for women

The member’s work may be directed within OSSTF/FEESO itself, but may also include efforts within education, labour or women’s movement, and/or the local, national or international community.

Who Can be Nominated

Any member of OSSTF/FEESO may be nominated by another member. A nomination must receive District and/or Bargaining Unit support to be considered.

Letter of Nomination

The nominator shall complete the nomination form, including supporting information. Completed forms may be submitted electronically using the online Nomination Form, or printed from the link found below and sent to:

Tracey Marshall
60 Mobile Drive
Toronto, ON M4A 2P3

(FAX: 416-751-7079)


The nomination form must be received by January 31.

Composition of the Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee will consist of the Chairperson of the Provincial Status of Women Committee and two other members of the Status of Women Committee to be selected annually.

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