Lesson 1 Conscious Consumer Subject Areas Geography, History, Civics, English, Social Sciences

Lesson Plan Conscious ConsumerPDF Icon
Our Ecological
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How does your life depend upon fossil energy?
Oil Sands
Activity 1 Throw Away Society
Activity 2 How BIG is my
Activity 3 Analysing Our Ecological Footprints
Activity 4 Understanding the Ecological Footprint Calculator
Activity 5 Changemaker
Activity 6 Lifeblood of Modern

Lesson 2 Sustainable Food Choice Subject Areas Food and Nutrition, Hospitality, Science, English

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Food want and needsPowerPoint Presentation Icon
What is eating
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Activity 1 Food wants and needsPDF Icon
Activity 2 Eco-Footprint food quizPDF Icon
Activity 3 Sustainable food choicePDF Icon
Activity 4 Sustainable meal menuPDF Icon
Activity 5 Debunking sustainable food mythsPDF Icon