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Education Week 2019 — Public Education is for Everyone

May 6 – 10, 2019

May 6, 2019 — Every year beginning the first Monday in May, Ontario celebrates Education Week. This year, Education Week is from May 6 to May 10.

The theme for Education Week 2019, “Public Education is for Everyone,” emphasizes our conviction that Ontario’s public education system must meet the needs of all who rely on it, and provide the foundations every student requires to succeed. That theme is particularly poignant this year, as education workers across Ontario resist the Ford government’s plans to undermine publicly funded education – especially at the high school level – through increased class sizes, mandatory e-learning and decreased funding.

Along with our annual celebration of public education as an essential ingredient for a vibrant, dynamic society and an ever-evolving economy, OSSTF/FEESO members are encouraged to mark Education Week 2019 by getting involved in our efforts to defend public education in the face of the Ford government’s assaults. Send a letter to your MPP insisting that they vote against cuts to education. Sign on to the HereForStudents.ca website and share it on social media. And talk to your neighbours, friends, family and people in your community about the value of public education, and why it’s important to oppose the government’s cuts.

The celebration of Education Week was initiated by OSSTF/FEESO in 1930 to recognize and celebrate the essential role public education plays in the lives of communities all over the province. Within a few years Education Week was being celebrated across Canada, and today, thanks to OSSTF/FEESO’s initiative 89 years ago, it is officially recognized in Ontario and observed by education stakeholders throughout the province.

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