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Common Threads VI — The Sustainable Society

Common Threads is the name of OSSTF/FEESO's international solidarity program which offers members the opportunity to travel abroad and conduct research resulting in the creation of new progressive curriculum on critical issues.

Building on the success of previous projects, our Union is announcing its sixth Common Threads theme: The Sustainable Society

A Common Threads Resource — The Sustainable Society

Three topics of “sustainability” are mentioned by journalists, politicians, business leaders, and advocacy groups; what is not often discussed is the topic of a “sustainable society”.  The topic would explore the approaches taken to achieve/maintain social justice, equity, fairness, and democracy by contrasting and comparing two countries, primarily Norway and Venezuela. The project team would then examine those approaches in contrast to Canada as part of the North America. This promises the development of rich curriculum on this timely issue.

The Sustainable Society project is in the process of being developed; it is anticipated that the release of the curriculum resource should occur sometime this spring.  In the meantime, you are encouraged to view and utilize our five other Common Threads curriculum resources.

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