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Resource of the Month — December 2014

25 Years after the Montreal Massacre

CBC Archives

This is a link to a 3.5 minute video clip that reviews the news coverage of the event immediately after it occurred. Eyewitness accounts detail how students and staff were separated and targeted based on gender by the gunman. It relates how those inside the school thought at first that it must be a joke; unfortunately, it was not. There are seventeen more clips on the page all related to this tragic event.

Jackson Katz Resources

Jackson Katz is a leading activist and scholar whose work draws attention to men's role as perpetrators of violence against women. His website includes materials he uses in his own workshops with young men to confront and stand up against machismo and misogyny, like the handy "10 Things Men Can Do to Prevent Violence Against Women" which would be a great conversation starter in the classroom or the locker room. Katz's wildly popular TED Talk, "Violence Against Women — It's a Men's Issue", is as accessible as it is powerful. In it, he argues that the pervasive media attention on gendered violence as a "women's issue" has shifted responsibility for ending violence against women to the victims instead of the perpetrators. This video would be a great jumping-off point to get young men thinking about ways that they can be leaders and allies in ending men's violence against women.

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