Illustration Graphic Lesson 1 Development Indicators Subject Areas Geography, Economics, History, Math, Business, Social Sciences

Lesson Plan Development IndicatorsPDF Icon
Activity 1 EgalitarianismPDF Icon
EgalitarianismPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 2 Statistical Analysis of Development IndicatorsPDF Icon
Activity 3 Examining Development Over TimePDF Icon
Examining Development Over Time: Gapminder and Economic IssuesPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 4 Beyond GDPPDF Icon
Beyond GDP: New Measures of Progress and SustainabilityPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 5 DebatePDF Icon

Lesson 2 Life After Oil Subject Areas Economics, Politics, Geography, Science, Civics, English

Lesson Plan Life After Oil
Life After OilPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 1 Cartoon Analysis
PDF Icon
Activity 2 Oil Stakeholders
PDF Icon
Activity 3 Post-oil Readiness Country ComparisonPDF Icon
Activity 4 Energy Sustainability
PDF Icon
Activity 5 Design a CartoonPDF Icon
Activity 6 Ranking JustificationPDF Icon
Activity 7 Recommendation to Prime MinisterPDF Icon

Lesson 3 Managing Resources for Sustainability Subject Areas Geography, Business, Economics, Civics, Law, Technology

Lesson Plan Managing Resources for SustainabilityPDF Icon
  Cradle to Cradle DesignPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 1 Considering the Hidden Costs of ProductionPDF Icon
Activity 2 Barriers to Sustainable Resource ManagementPDF Icon
Activity 3 Sustainable Resource Management: Canada vs NorwayPDF Icon
Activity 4 Toward Environmental ProtectionPDF Icon
Activity 5 Considering the Hidden Costs of Production: Exit CardPDF Icon
Activity 6 Considering the Hidden Costs of Production: Design a LabelPDF Icon
Activity 7 Considering the Hidden Costs of Production: Issue AnalysisPDF Icon
Activity 8 Barriers to Sustainable Resource Management: Summary OrganizerPDF Icon
Activity 9 Sustainable Resource Management: Government ProposalPDF Icon
Activity 10 Ensuring environmental protection: ForumPDF Icon