Teachers / OT

Teachers / OT

Meeting the Challenge

Fostering Learning

Ontario’s secondary school teachers contribute greatly to the intellectual and personal growth of Ontario’s high school students – and thus to our province as a whole.

Our teachers’ jobs are highly demanding – with stringent qualifications, long hours, large classes and the challenge of working with students who waver between youth and adulthood.

Ontario’s public school secondary teachers are up to the challenge. Their patience, dedication and professionalism help make Ontario’s Secondary Public Schools among the best anywhere.

The Strength of Many

Every public secondary school teacher is by law a member of OSSTF/FEESO.

This large, secure number of members gives OSSTO/FEESO the political and economic strength to impact policy and funding decisions and to protect the rights of all our members.

Support for Teachers

Almost all content on this site is of use to teachers. Of special note are:

  • Teacher certification management program
  • Supplementary training and development opportunities
  • Pensions and financial planning services
  • The Edvantage discount buying program
  • Our many research studies and publications in the field of education

Contact Us

The Provincial Executive and local leadership are always ready to help answer your questions or address your employment issues.

To contact us, call 416-751-8300 in the GTA or 1-800-267-7867. If you like, you can also email us with your concerns.

Active Retired Members (ARM)

Active Retired Members (ARM)

In 1996, OSSTF/FEESO established a new type of membership specifically for Active Retired Members (ARM). This allows retired members of OSSTF/FEESO who wish to remain actively involved with their colleagues politically or socially to rejoin OSSTF/FEESO.

Active retirement offers an opportunity for continuing involvement with the educational community at both the local and provincial levels.

Local chapters of ARM have been or are being organized to provide members with opportunities to gather for social events and/or political action activities.

The experience, skills and abilities of retired members are valuable resources that should be utilized to further goals in areas such as political action, legislative lobbying, crisis assistance, research, communications, and public relations.

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