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OSSTF/FEESO has a longstanding commitment to Equity as outlined in our OSSTF/FEESO Equity Statement (see attachment below). The federation has developed a structure for equity that is supported by a provincial Equity Officer, an Equity Advisory Work Group and In-House Equity Work Group.  

The Equity Officer, a member of provincial office staff with duties to:

  • provide  advice and assistance to members regarding the Ontario Human Rights Code and relevant legislation and the OSSTF/FEESO Equity Statement, equity  issues, and equity-based barriers to participation in Federation;
  • conduct and  participate in training and workshops on equity and related matters;
  • act as an advisor and resource person  for other Secretariat  members, the Provincial Executive, and equity-related advisory groups;
  • assist in the preparation of materials  relating  to equity;
  • advise the Provincial  Executive through the General Secretary on human rights and equity issues within the organization;
  • perform other  duties  relating to equity as assigned by the General  Secretary;
  • report when  requested to the Provincial Executive and to Provincial  Council and submit a written report to AMPA;
  • serve as a resource for the purposes of vetting of OSSTF/FEESO policy, bylaws, events, communications, and  processes from  an equity perspective;
  • coordinate equity  initiatives within OSSTF/FEESO.

Members can contact the Equity Officer by emailing Wayne Milliner at wayne.milliner@osstf.ca.

The Equity Advisory Work Group is tasked to advise the Equity Officer about addressing barriers to participation and fostering equity and inclusion within OSSTF/FEESO.

The In-House Equity Work Group is tasked with organization issues related to caucuses, training, self-identification, and employment equity.

Federation is currently in year one of a three year pilot Equity Mentorship Program for members from Equity Seeking Groups who wish to increase their involvement in the leadership of OSSTF/FEESO. Information regarding this program including content, criteria, application for the program starting in the fall of 2018 will be released in March 2018.

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