Lesson 1 Access to Social Services Subject Areas Geography, Business, Economics, English, Civics

Lesson Plan Access to social services: Taking care of citizensPDF Icon
Activity 1 KWL chart — Social servicesPDF Icon
Access to social
PowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 2 A timeline of social services in CanadaPDF Icon
Activity 3 A country case studyPDF Icon
Activity 4 Comparing oil wealth management in Norway to CanadaPDF Icon
Activity 5 Reflective paragraphPDF Icon

Lesson 2 Art and Media Subject Areas Art, Philosophy, Media, Geography, Social Sciences, English

Lesson Plan Media/influence of art on society
Activity 1 What is art?PDF Icon
What is art? An introduction to the concept of artPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 2 Art in the streetPDF Icon
What is art? Graffiti... art or vandalism?PowerPoint Presentation Icon
Video Culture SpotlightVideo Icon
Activity 3 Bias in the mediaPDF Icon
Bias in the mediaPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 4 The value of artPDF Icon
Activity 5 Art for your communityPDF Icon

Lesson 3 Participatory Democracy Subject Areas Geography, History, English, Social Sciences

Lesson Plan Collective democratic participationPDF Icon
Activity 1 DemocracyPDF Icon
Activity 2 Grassroots movementsPDF Icon
  Grassroots movementsPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 3 Compare and contrast democraciesPDF Icon
Activity 4 PosterPDF Icon
Activity 5 Grant funding proposalPDF Icon

Lesson 4 Sustainability and Inflation Subject Areas Economics, Business, Math, Politics, Social Science, History

Lesson Plan Sustainability and
PDF Icon
Sustainability and Inflation: Why do prices rise? How do rising prices affect sustainability?PowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 1 Sustainability and Inflation Anticipation GuidePDF Icon
Activity 2 Sustainability and Inflation OrganizerPDF Icon
Activity 3 Managing Wealth and Building Trust Video WorksheetPDF Icon
Video Managing Wealth and Building TrustVideo Icon
Activity 4 Editorial PiecePDF Icon
Activity 5 Inflation Rate CalculationPDF Icon
Activity 6 News Broadcast or Radio ShowPDF Icon

Lesson 5 Sustainable Food Systems Subject Areas Science, Health and Physical Education, Food and Nutrition, English, Green Industries

Lesson Plan Sustainable Food
  Sustainable food
PowerPoint Presentation Icon
  Student PowerPoint WorksheetsPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 1 What the World EatsPDF Icon
Activity 2 Sustainable Food
PDF Icon
Activity 3 5 Ws and HowPDF Icon
Activity 4 Awareness CampaignPDF Icon