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AMPA 2021 Election · Andy Adzic for OTF Governor


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Andy Adzic for OTF Governor

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Andy Adzic
District 9, Greater Essex

My name is Andy Adzic and I am asking for your support for the position of OTF Governor.

I have worked in education for the past 12 years and have been active within our federation since 2012, both locally in D9-Greater Essex and provincially. Over the years I have served members at the branch level as Vice-President, President, and CBC Representative. At the bargaining unit level as New Member Representative, Vice-President, and Contract Maintenance Officer – Chief Negotiator, and the district level as District Treasurer. I have attended AMPA, Leadership, PSC Regionals and the PSC Conference numerous times. I was also fortunate to sit on a Benefits Workgroup and the Provincial Finance Committee. These experiences have helped me grow as a leader and to recognize the importance of the work OSSTF does.

The OTF has advocated for publicly funded education for over 75 years, but their work is far from over. Ontario has one of the greatest education systems in the world, a system that is under attack. The current pandemic has reminded us of the importance of advocating for teachers, education workers, and the publicly funded education system. Together through the OTF, the four affiliates including OSSTF, must stand united to protect and enhance publicly funded education, defend our pension plan, and provide services and supports to our members.

I ask for your support to become an OSSTF OTF Governor. If elected, I commit to serve and represent all OSSTF members at the OTF Board of Governors table.