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Public Education

No Cuts to Education

Tell the Ford Government to Protect and Enhance Public Education in Ontario

On March 15, 2019, The Ford Government laid out a plan to cut millions of dollars from public education. They will do this by increasing class sizes from Grades 4 - 12, removing special education funding, and requiring all high school students to take four online courses.

This destructive plan will pull thousands of teachers and support staff out of our schools, providing less individual support for students, reduced access to student courses and programs, and fewer educators to volunteer their time to support extra-curricular activities. This multi-million dollar cut to public education will be devastating for our students.

We need to enhance and improve funding for public education to ensure all students, from kindergarten through to post-secondary, get the support and services they need to be successful.

Let’s work together to improve our world-recognized publicly funded education system. We can’t do that by cutting it.

Call or Email your MPP today and tell them

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