Membership · The Three Rs of Membership



The Three Rs of Membership

R Rules of membership

Under the OSSTF/FEESO Constitution, there are different categories of members.

  • Active members are the bulk of our membership. They are members who are currently employed by school boards or other agencies and who pay active member fees to OSSTF/FEESO

  • Newly organized members are active members who don’t pay OSSTF/FEESO dues. They start paying dues when their first collective agreement is ratified.

  • Casual or limited term members retain membership for a designated period of time after the last day worked as per Bylaw 2.3.”

  • Active Retired Members (ARM) are retired OSSTF/FEESO members who pay a fee of $50 for limited services.
R Rights

OSSTF/FEESO members have all of the democratic and human rights of Canadian citizens and union members. Some key professional rights featured in the OSSTF/FEESO constitution include:

  • the right to participate in the union, attend meetings, vote, stand for office, etc.;

  • the right to exercise professional judgment;

  • the right to fair and equitable treatment from employers;

  • the right to fair evaluation;

  • the right to fair representation by the union.
R Responsibilities

OSSTF/FEESO members must:

  • comply with the constitution, bylaws and policies of OSSTF/FEESO. These may be found in the OSSTF/FEESO Handbook and Policies and Procedures Manual, both of which may be found here.

  • uphold the OSSTF/FEESO pledge and statement of ethics

  • act in accordance with the Principles of Professional Conduct

  • support their negotiators and participate in all strike activities voted on by the majority of members

  • on making an adverse report on another member, give that member a copy within three days. This does not apply when reporting suspected child abuse under the Child and Family Services Act.