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OSSTF/FEESO Certification Evaluations have moved to QECO, the Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario.

QECO Certification Rating Statements

Certification Rating Statements are used to determine the pay rate for teachers by placing them in one of four possible groups. The instructions for obtaining an evaluation from QECO can vary based on whether a teacher is a first-time applicant, requesting a category change, etc. Instructions for obtaining a QECO evaluation can be found at:

QECO does not accept paper applications. The application process for an OSSTF/FEESO Certification evaluation from QECO is fully electronic. QECO’s electronic application can be found at: https://applications.qeco.on.ca

Once an eligible teacher is evaluated based on QECO regulations, a Statement of Evaluation is issued by QECO to the teacher.

Your Statement of Evaluation must be submitted to the school board by the teacher for appropriate salary category placement.

All teachers must be evaluated by QECO to be considered for a placement beyond Category A1 by their school board. Be mindful of any school board deadlines found in your Collective Agreement and apply early since a QECO evaluation may take several weeks to complete, especially during the fall and spring.

OSSTF/FEESO teacher/occasional teacher members are reminded that it is their individual responsibility to keep QECO apprised of any additions to their qualifications. QECO conducts category evaluations based on the formal instructions of the teacher as verified by a completed application.

Find instructions for obtaining a QECO evaluation at: Applications Procedures
Please review that information to find answers to most basic application questions.

If you have OSSTF Group 4, you do  not need a QECO Category A4 rating, they are considered equivalent.


Not in OSSTF Group 4, or alternatively, QECO Category A4? — Please Note

Changes over time can occur:

  • with the ongoing recognition of new acceptable academic institutions, both domestic and abroad;
  • with the acceptability of some course providers;
  • with the increase in Additional Qualification course providers; or
  • to legislation and/or regulations affecting teacher qualifications.

These and other changes can all have an influence on teachers' upgrading routes.

QECO strongly urges all who have not yet reached Group 4 or Category A4 to formally apply for upgrading advice or for re-evaluation on a yearly basis to ensure they are following the most expedient route to a higher category. This advice is particularly important to teachers whose academic qualifications were obtained outside of Ontario.

Applying for upgrading advice can only be of advantage to a teacher; it will never result in a lower qualification evaluation.

Contact Certification Department

Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario
10 Alcorn Avenue, Suite 100
Toronto, ON M4V 3A9

Phone            416-323-1969
Toll Free       1-800-385-1030

Hours of Phone Service

Due to COVID protocols, the QECO office is working virtually.
Phone service is available sporadically.
General Inquiries: Email QECO at info@qeco.on.ca
Specific questions regarding your evaluation:
Log in to your QECO account and leave a message in the Notes section of your application.


QECO does not provide paper copies of documents (e.g., Statements of Evaluation, Acknowledgement of Correspondence cards, etc.). Teachers are able to log into their QECO accounts at https://applications.qeco.on.ca and can print documents to provide them to their employer.


The Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario (QECO) was created in the 1969-1970 school year by ETFO, AEFO and OECTA to provide an equitable evaluation plan for teacher salary recognition based solely on specific academic criteria.

OSSTF/FEESO finalized the merger of OSSTF/FEESO Certification with QECO in May, 2020. The QECO evaluation of degree holding teachers who are members of one of the above-mentioned affiliates can result in one of four category placements: Category A1 through Category A4 for ETFO, AEFO and OECTA, and now, OSSTF/FEESO.


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