Recent Changes · 2005




Changes to Certification — Technological courses and other courses

  1. Certification Council, at its February meeting, re-examined courses for approval by the Certification Department. In the past, Technological Studies teachers could use OAC’s and Grade 13 courses for upgrading purposes. These courses no longer exist and therefore, Certification Council has ruled that the new equivalent courses are the Ontario Grade 12 U/ M courses. The Certification Department is now accepting these courses as well as the OACs for upgrading purposes for Technological Studies teachers. Course approval by the Certification Department is still required before taking the courses for them to count.

    Please be aware that although the OSSTF Certification Department can accept Grade 12 U/M courses for upgrading purposes under the Honour Technological Studies Specialist Program, the Ontario College of Teachers has determined that these courses cannot be used to meet the criteria for admission to the Honour Technological Studies Specialist course, which is one year of post secondary, full time study (see O.Reg.184/97).

  2. Previously, Certification Council had ruled that “Staff Development Courses and Professional Growth Courses” offered by other affiliates could be used for upgrading where they meet the following requirements:
    • CERT Reg. - “University Course” is a course recognized for credit towards the granting of an approved degree.

    • CERT Reg. - the course must have a minimum of ninety hours duration for full credit or forty-five hours duration for half credit

    • CERT Reg. - a formalized evaluation of the participant’s achievement must be part of each course.
  3. After researching these courses and correspondence with Drake University it was noted that these courses no longer meet the established above regulation criteria. Therefore, “ Staff Development” and “Professional Growth” courses offered by ETFO are no longer being accepted as university courses for upgrading purposes under the Certification plan as of February 15, 2005. All previously approved courses will be honoured, however courses not approved will no longer be accepted.

  4. Examination reports are not acceptable in lieu of official transcripts when completing additional courses (Grade 12U/M, college, university) or Faculty of Education qualifications. If a member has completed a course which will result in a Group change, an official transcript should be requested and forwarded to the Certification Department at the member's earliest convenience.