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Communication Award

The OSSTF/FEESO Communication Award recognizes and celebrates effective efforts in communication made by Districts, Bargaining Units or individuals during the past calendar year.

Submitting a Nomination

The deadline for nominations is January 31 and must be submitted through our online Nomination Form, fax to 416-751-7079 or by mail to:

Tracey Marshall
Communications and Political Action Department
49 Mobile Dr
Toronto, ON  M4A 1H5

The online form features file upload capability. You may submit attachments no larger than 20 MB. Each file should be no more than 3 MB. If you submit your online form with attachments over 20 MB, you will arrive at a Page Not Found error. If your attachments are large, we recommend you email them to Melanie Opaleychuk or mail them to Tracey Marshall.



This award considers all forms of communication used by a District or Bargaining Unit, including but not limited to:

  • Newsletters (print and/or digital)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Website (news articles, images, interactivity)
  • Other creative initiatives (banners, ad campaigns, rally signs)

Submissions will be considered using a variety of criteria, including:

  • Content (professionalism, accuracy, currency, relevancy)
  • Creativity (style, modem media)
  • Quantity (variety, pacing)
  • Special considerations (unit size, geography, other challenges)

All submissions must be on time and will need to include an overall summary of the considerations above, and examples of communications work, which may include web address to the District/ Bargaining Unit website, photos or electronic copies of publications, social media account information, and photos of other communications activities.


The Communications and Political Action Committee will determine which, if any, applicant will receive the award based on the established criteria. The Communications and Political Action Committee reserves the right not to grant the award in any given year.


Who can propose? Any active Bargaining Unit Member in OSSTF/FEESO.
Who must nominate? A District or Bargaining Unit Executive must endorse the nominee and include the resolution.
Who is eligible? All active members of OSSTF/FEESO in good standing.
What is required? Provide concrete examples to support the nomination. A District or Bargaining Unit motion of endorsement of the nominee must accompany the application.
Where will the presentation occur? Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly
How will winner be notified? The secretariat member attached to the award will make contact with the nominator prior to the award ceremony to get winner’s contact information. Only winning entries will be contacted.
Publicity OSSTF/FEESO will publicize the contributions of the award winner in its publications
Award Image Content coming soon
Previous Winners
1992 Shirley Telegadas D 34 Essex
1993 Unknown  
1994 Scott Hunt D 34 Essex
1995 Paul Rook D 16 Scarborough
1996 John McEwen D 21 Seaway
1997 Betty Ann Bushell D 10 Peel
1998 Ron Crawford D 08 Hamilton
2017/2018 Teacher Bargaining Unit D 19 Peel
2020 Not awarded  
2021 Nanci Henderson D 24 Waterloo

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Contact Information

Tracey Marshall

Executive Assistant, Communications and Political Action Department

Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation

49 Mobile Dr
Toronto, ON  M4A 1H5

Phone: 416-751-8300

Toll Free: 1-800-267-7867

Fax: 416-751-7079