Recent Changes · 2010




Changes effective November 20, 2010

Policy Change

  • British based degrees requiring General Certificates of Education A-Levels for admission be considered equivalent to 4 year degrees.

Changes effective October 2, 2010

Policy Changes

  • Additional Basic Qualifications at the Primary, Junior, Intermediate or Senior Divisions beyond the initial teaching qualification which are completed at an accredited University and appear on an official transcript will be accepted for upgrading purposes under CERT Reg. 16, 17, and 18

  • Any combination of courses labelled engineering can be used for a concentration in a “single subject area” under CERT Reg.

Changes effective June 12, 2010

Policy Changes

  • A three year Diploma in Teaching in combination with a two year degree, both from the Caribbean can be considered equivalent to four years of undergraduate study and one year of teacher training effective June 12, 2010.

Changes effective September 1, 2010

Amendments to the Regulations – AMPA 2010

A number of amendments to the Certification Regulations were passed by the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly in March 2010.
Two of these changes may produce positive effects on re-evaluations for current members.

All teacher and occasional teacher members are encouraged to review these changes to ensure familiarity with new opportunities for upgrading their Group placement.

Members may see positive changes to their Group placements or their requirements for advancement under the new rules.  Certification Application Form #2 should be completed in order to have a file re-evaluated under the new regulations. 

  • Master’s degrees awarded on a Pass basis from a number of overseas jurisdictions will be recognized for Group placement.

  • Members with a 4 year undergraduate degrees at the Pass level will only require completion of any combination of two Additional Qualifications courses from an Ontario Faculty of Education  or university courses (second class average) in order to move from Group 2 to Group 3.

Changes effective January 9, 2010

Policy Changes

  • Courses labelled “Social Work” can now be used as courses in the “specified subject area” of Social Science

  • A three year Nigerian Certificate in Education (second class average) plus a conferred three year undergraduate degree (second class average) now meets the requirements for Group 3, Honour Specialist Program.