Recent Changes · 2008




Changes effective October 3, 2008

Policy Changes

  • A three year Teaching Diploma (II class average) from Church Teachers’ College and a two year B.Ed. degree (II class average) from the University of the West Indies be considered equivalent under CERT Reg. to the requirements for placement in Group 3, CERT Reg. 16.3.1

Changes effective April 12, 2008

Policy Changes

  • Additional Basic Qualifications at the Primary, Junior, Intermediate, or Senior Divisions taken after the Program of Teacher Education and completed at any Ontario Faculty of Education will be accepted for upgrading purposes under CERT Reg.

  • Where a 4 year undergraduate university degree consists of more than 20 full university courses, those courses will be deemed extra to the degree and the courses with the highest marks will be used provided they do not form part of the major or minor

  • An unlimited number of Psychology and Sociology courses will be recognized as Family Studies courses under the Honour Specialist Program

Changes effective September 1, 2008

Amendments to the Regulations – AMPA 2008

A number of amendments to the Certification Regulations were passed by the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly in March 2008. The full changes, which will take effect for the next school year starting September 1, 2008.

All teacher and occasional teacher members are encouraged to review these changes to ensure familiarity with new opportunities for upgrading their Group placement.

Members may see positive changes to their Group placements or their requirements for advancement under the new rules. Certification Application Form #2 should be completed in order to have a file re-evaluated under the new regulations for September 1, 2008.

The changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Master’s or PhD degrees used for placement in Group 4 for Technological Studies teachers

    This new option for placement in Group 4 may be used in place of an Honours Technological Studies Specialist or Three Session Specialist AQ

  • Reduced requirements for upgrading for some teachers with second class standing 4 year degrees versus pass standing degrees

    1.5 additional full university courses required versus the current 2 courses

  • Master’s or PhD degrees used for placement in Group 4 by academic teachers who have 3 year undergraduate degrees with 5 additional courses (9 courses with an overall “B” average in a single subject area)