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OSSTF/FEESO Educational Enhancement Grant

  1. The purpose of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation Educational Enhancement Grant is to assist OSSTF/FEESO Members in good standing with their studies:
    1. leading to their very FIRST undergraduate degree, diploma, or certificate at a university or community college of their choice - you are INELIGIBLE to apply for this grant if you already hold any degree, diploma, or certificate from a university or college
    2. in gaining a secondary school diploma from a publicly-funded secondary school
    3. the award may be any sum up to $3,500
    4. more than one award may be made in any one year, having regard to funds available and the sum(s) requested by the applicant(s).
  2. Applications are acceptable from current OSSTF/FEESO Members:
    1. in good standing
    2. the study may be on a full-time or part-time basis at a university, a community college or other educational institution of the candidate’s choice during the academic year following receipt of the award
    3. studies towards additional degrees / diplomas do not qualify for this grant, and
    4. have not previously been a recipient of this grant.
  3. Each candidate shall submit a completed application form provided by the Federation, which shall include:
    1. a letter of acceptance or of probable acceptance into the candidate’s proposed program from the chosen university, community college or other educational institution
    2. a statement of anticipated expenses
    3. two letters of recommendation (one from a person in education and one from a person in the community not directly involved in education.) Each letter should address the suitability of the candidate for this award.
  4. The Educational Enhancement Grant is for the academic year following receipt of the award NOT the current year. In order to qualify for this grant, your studies MUST take place from July 1st onward.

  5. Grant recipients must provide a written report outlining the work covered during the period of study to OSSTF/FEESO upon completion of the study. A transcript of marks from the educational institution at which the program was taken shall be included with the report.

  6. Interpretation and administration of the terms of this grant are at the discretion of the OSSTF/FEESO Educational Services Committee subject to the approval of the Provincial Executive.

  7. Completed applications should be electronically submitted with all attachments.

    It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that any attachments that cannot be submitted electronically are sent to:

    Karen Metherall, Administrative Coordinator
    Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation
    Educational Services Department
    49 Mobile Drive
    Toronto, ON  M4A 1H5

The application and all attachments must be received at OSSTF/FEESO provincial office no later than April 1.

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