Recent Changes · 2015




Changes effective October 2, 2015

The Certification Council/Certification Appeal Board passed the following Policy Motions effective October 2, 2015:

BIRT courses completed towards the Diploma in Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing be considered acceptable for upgrading under the Academic Chart at transcript value to a total of 5 full university courses. Three courses deemed equivalent for Parts 1, 2 and the Deaf Specialist will have to be replaced with University and/or Additional Qualification courses (provided they are taken through an Ontario Faculty of Education) to ensure no qualification receives duplicate recognition.
BIRT Members who have an acceptable 3 year undergraduate degree and have completed a teacher education program for Native Language, formerly Native Language a Second Language and hold a valid teaching Certificate of Qualification and Registration from the Ontario College of Teachers (which includes Transitional Certificates) with an entry for Native Language Parts 1, 2, and the Specialist (but no basic qualifications) may upgrade under the Academic Chart, CERT Reg. 7. Qualifications in two consecutive divisions must be completed in addition to the Academic requirements before a Group 4 Certification Rating Statement can be issued.

Changes effective January 16, 2015

The CC/CAB passed the following Policy Motion effective January 16, 2015:

BIRT a completed Master’s program consisting of 2 or more years of study that is used for a Group 4 placement can be released for the addition of a seal by completion of an Honour Specialist, Honour Technological Education Specialist, or a Three-Session Specialist.
This motion will allow extra degree recognition for members who have followed the newer European Union styled program of study.