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Subject Association Grants

Subject Association Grants are available to eligible Subject Associations for activities and projects that are of benefit to OSSTF/FEESO members. Expenditures for approved projects must occur between July 1 and June 30 of the current school year.

A Subject Association may request up to $2,500, however, if the number of requests exceeds the amount of funding available, pro-rated amounts will be allocated so that all eligible requests will receive some funding. Subject Associations representing the same subject area may not submit separate requests for the same project, however they may submit a joint request providing the total amount requested does not exceed $2,500. It is recommended that Subject Associations of consultants work together with the Subject Association of teachers for the same subject area on a joint project rather than submit independent applications.

Applications can only be accepted from Ontario provincial Subject Associations which are listed as members of the OTF Curriculum Forum and whose members include OSSTF/FEESO members. Applications from individuals or from organizations not on this list will not be considered.

Fully completed on-line applications with original or digital signatures must be submitted by November 15 of this year.

Please submit the application form to:

Subject Association Grants Administration
Educational Services Department
OSSTF/FEESO, Provincial Office
60 Mobile Drive, Toronto, ON
M4A 2P3
Fax: 416-751-7079


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