Recent Changes · 2011




Changes effective October 15, 2011

Policy Changes

  • The discipline guidelines for American Sign Language, Aural and Oral Communication, Co-operative Education, Guidance and Career Education, Inclusive Classroom, Reading, Special Education, Teaching Students Who Are Blind, Teaching Students Who Are Deaf/Blind and The Deaf are amended by the deletion of “up to three full university courses from the initial area of study and one full university course from three other subject areas” and substituted with “up to three full university courses from one area of study”.
  • Courses in Sport Management can be accepted for a concentration in Business Studies.
  • University courses used as transfer credits towards a three year Diploma or Diploma courses used as transfer credit towards an undergraduate degree can be replaced with university courses or Additional Qualifications ( provided they are completed at an Ontario Faculty of Education) or a combination thereof in order to deem the Diploma free-standing effective.
  • Sociology of Work and Psychology of Work university courses can be considered as courses in the discipline of Business Education.


Changes effective February 12, 2011

Policy Change

Courses in Geology can be accepted for a concentration in Environmental Science and introductory courses in Geology (first and second year level) can be accepted for a concentration in Geography


Changes effective January 14, 2011

Policy Change

A two year Master of Teaching degree is considered equivalent to 10 full courses to represent 2 full years of study. After deducting the appropriate curriculum, foundation and general teaching method courses to a total of 5 full courses (one year of study) 5 full post-graduate courses will be deemed as extra to the requirements of teacher qualification certification and allow for Group 4 placement as per any of CERT Regs. 16.4.6, 16.4.7, 16.4.8