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Relevant OSSTF/FEESO forms, applications, awards and grants can be found linked in the table below and are listed in alphabetical order.

Form Purpose
Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA) Resolution Form AMPA
OSSTF/FEESO conducts an Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly with representatives from all bargaining units each March. Resolutions may only be submitted by the official representative of the District, Bargaining Unit, Committee, or Council. Learn more on the AMPA webpage.
Awards of Recognition for Members Awards of Recognition for Members
These awards are to recognize outstanding contributions by members to the OSSTF/FEESO. Some are provincial awards, others are district awards. Learn more on the Awards of Recognition for Members webpage.
Awards for Non-Members
These awards are to recognize significant contributions to public education by non-members and to support student achievement. Learn more on the Awards for Non-Members webpage.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Electronic Funds Transfer - Direct Deposit Form
Please fill out and return this form if you want to receive payments from OSSTF/FEESO through an electronic funds transfer (EFT) – direct deposit.

Financial Assistance Awards for Further Education
These awards provide financial assistance to members who are pursuing further education. In addition, bursaries are available for members with a child or ward who has applied to enter a publicly-funded post-secondary college, university or apprenticeship program. Learn more on the Financial Assistance Awards for Further Education webpage.
International Assistance Program Application PDF icon International Assistance Program
OSSTF/FEESO annually commits funds for an International Assistance Program to support projects that reflect our commitment to protecting and enhancing public education, social justice and equality in various parts of the world. Learn more on the International Assistance Program webpage.
Ontario Subject Association Grants Ontario Subject Association Grants
These grants are available to eligible Ontario Subject Associations for activities and projects that are of benefit to OSSTF/FEESO members. Expenditures for approved projects must occur between July 1 and June 30 each year. Learn more on the Ontario Subject Association Guidelines webpage.
Parliamentary Speaker Bank Parliamentary Speaker Bank
If you enjoy chairing meetings and are interested in helping facilitate meetings for OSSTF/FEESO, consider applying to the Speaker Bank. Members of the Parliamentary Speaker Bank assist with preparing for and chairing Provincial Council, AMPA and local AGMs.
Provincial Standing Committees and Councils Provincial Standing Committees and Councils
The OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Council Nominations Committee invites members who are interested in contributing to the work of the Federation by serving on a Provincial Committee or Council to consider making an application. Learn more on the Provincial Council webpage.
Research Grant for Emergent Issues and Priorities Research Grant for Emergent Issues and Priorities
OSSTF/FEESO is strongly committed to supporting and promoting high quality research and evidence-informed practices in public education. OSSTF/FEESO offers up to three research grants to support conducting, presenting, and publishing research in support of public education and anti-racism. Learn more on the Grants in Support of Members and Non-Members webpage.
Voluntary Membership
Voluntary Membership may be granted by the Provincial Executive to a person who is certificated as a secondary school teacher in the Province of Ontario, and/or who is employed in an educational capacity or former members of OSSTF/FEESO who have been placed on long term disability and whose contract with an employer has been terminated. Learn more on the Voluntary Membership / Active Retired Members webpage.