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Lobby Day 2017: Improving the Learning Environment

Addressing Violence in our Schools

Lobby Day 2017 — Improving the Learning Environment (Cover)On March 29, 2017, OSSTF/FEESO held a Lobby Day at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.  Local leaders were brought to Queen’s Park to meet with their local Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) to seek action on an issue that effects all of our members – violence in our schools and workplaces.

Materials provided to our local leaders and MPPs are available on this page, including our demands on how to address this serious issue.  OSSTF/FEESO wants the Ontario government to implement progressive changes, including an education sector regulation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, so that we put a stop to violent incidents against our members in schools and workplaces, thus making our educational institutions in Ontario safe for all students, staff and community members.

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