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2003 · Attention Technological Teachers



Attention Technological Teachers

Effective November 14, 2003

In the summer of 1994 York University ceased issuing transcripts for Additional Qualification courses as York University determined that these courses would no longer be offered as degree-credit bearing. However, CERT Reg. 18.5.4, "acceptable alternate courses" for teachers who hold Technological qualification(s), does not require that Additional Qualification courses be degree-credit bearing, simply that a transcript be submitted for the course(s).

Recently, York University commenced issuing a Transcript of Academic Record for Additional Qualification courses completed at this institution.

Consequently, at the November 2003 meeting of Certification Council, a motion was passed to accept these courses for upgrading purposes for Technological teachers only, provided that a Transcript of Academic Record is submitted upon completion of the course.

This ruling is effective as of November 14, 2003.

The Certification Department encourages all Technological teachers who have taken Additional Qualification courses at York University since 1996 to contact York University and request that the above-outlined document be forwarded to the Certification Department on their behalf. Please be aware that any requests for a re-evaluation must be accompanied by a fully completed Certification Application Form.