Recent Changes · 2012




Changes effective September 1, 2012

Amendments to the Regulations – AMPA 2012

A number of amendments to the Certification Regulations were passed at the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assemble in March 2012. The full changes will take effect for the next school year starting September 1, 2012.

All teacher and occasional teacher members are encouraged to review these changes to ensure familiarity with new opportunities for upgrading their Group placement.

Members may see positive changes to their Group placements or their requirements for advancement under the new rules. Certification Application Form #2 should be completed in order to have a file re-evaluated under the new regulations for September 1, 2012.

The changes include the following:

1. BIRT CERT Reg. 9 be deleted in its entirety.
  9.1 Deficiencies in the requirements for Group 1 must be removed before a Member can proceed towards placement in a higher group.
  9.2 Before proceeding to a higher group a Member will not be required to pick up additional qualifications for the grouping already held if the requirements have changed since acquiring that grouping.
2. BIRT CERT Reg. 11 be deleted in its entirety.
  11.1 Where there has not been an acceptable number of years of wage earning experience required for the technological qualification entry on a valid teaching Certificate issued by the Ontario College of Teachers a Member may not proceed to courses, or acceptable alternate courses. (A.06)
3. BIRT CERT Reg. be deleted. The "Acknowledgment of Additional Qualification/Additional Basic Qualification" letter from the Ontario College of Teachers may be accepted as equivalent to a valid teaching Certificate issued by the Ontario College of Teachers in order to issue a Certification Rating Statement to a Member provided that all the other requirements for that Group have been successfully completed. (A.06)
4. BIRT CERT Reg.,,,, and (iii) be amended by the substitution of the words “Additional Qualification courses” for the words “Additional Qualifications”.
5. BIRT CERT Reg. 5.2 be amended by deletion and insertion to read, “It is the responsibility of Members to be cognizant of the latest changes to the Certification Plan and to apply for re-evaluation when necessary.”
  5.2 It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MEMBER to be cognizant of the latest changes in Certification Regulations and to submit, using the current application form, to the Certification Department requests for a re-examination of their academic record based on announced changes. (A.07)
6. BIRT CERT Reg. 19 be amended by deletion of the words “Notwithstanding Certification Regulations 16, 17, 18’ and “at this time”.
  19 Notwithstanding Certification Regulations 16, 17, and 18, teachers involuntarily transferred to the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation will have their previous qualification evaluation rating statements moved laterally on to the OSSTF certification plan and will at this time be expected to progress through the charts currently in effect. (A.90)
7. BIRT CERT Reg. 7.1 be amended by addition of the words “or who are teacher-candidates enrolled in a publically funded Ontario Faculty of Education” after the word “Teachers”.
  7.1 The Certification Division shall evaluate the qualifications of only those Members who are teaching under a valid teaching Certificate issued by the Ontario College of Teachers. (A.06)
8. BIRT CERT Reg. 17.2.1 be deleted.
  17.2.1 No discipline courses are required for Group 2 (A.07)
9. BIRT CERT Reg. 17.3.1 be deleted.
  17.3.1 At least two (2) full university courses in the discipline of the Three Session Specialist qualification must be included for Group 3. (A.07)
10. BIRT CERT Reg. 17.4.1 be deleted.
  17.4.1 At least four (4) full university courses in the discipline of the Three Session Specialist qualification must be included for Group 4.
11. BIRT CERT Reg. 17.5 be deleted in its entirety from 17.5.1 to 17.5.4.
  17.5.1 There may be acceptable alternate courses which meet the discipline course requirements for Chart 2. However, they may not be considered to be university courses as defined in CERT Reg. For a course to be acceptable, it must meet the following conditions: (A.08) the course must have been accepted by the Certification Council after submission of the course criteria; (A.07) the grade obtained must be of at least second class standing; (A.07) the course must have a minimum of ninety hours duration for full credit or forty-five hours duration for half credit; (A.07) a formalized evaluation of the participant's achievement must be part of each course; (A.07) the credit value and grade of the course must be indicated by an official transcript or diploma from the institution offering the course; (A.07) the course must be offered by a recognized educational institution and must form part of an accepted program of studies leading to a postsecondary diploma or certificate; (A.07) the course should contribute to the teacher's professional improvement within the parameters of the secondary school curriculum; (A.07)
  17.5.2 enquiries regarding the acceptability of alternate courses must be made in writing to the Certification Division of OSSTF. (A.07)
  17.5.3 It shall be the responsibility of Certification Council to provide lists of acceptable discipline courses for use with Chart 2. These will be published from time to time in a manner accessible to the Membership. (A.07)
  17.5.4 A University course shall be as defined in CERT Reg. (A.08)
    **See CERT Reg.