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Public Education

Public Education

Public Education, Public Good

Public education is the cornerstone of tolerance and democracy within our diverse society.

OSSTF/FEESO Is Making A Difference

Since 1919, OSSTF/FEESO has worked to strengthen public education and protect it against threats such as lack of awareness, privatization, competing priorities and funding cuts, school closings and degraded learning and working conditions.

In 1930, we launched the first Education Week in Ontario to raise public awareness of education’s contribution to society. We continue to play a vital role:

  • Recognizing the contribution of all educational workers to student success by including educational workers in our federation in the 1990s
  • Standing up to the Harris government’s efforts to gut public education in the mid ‘90s
  • Conducting pioneering research on bullying together with our partners in 2005
  • Developing the Student Success Plan, which was adopted by the Ontario Ministry of Education in 2008
  • Developing the Students First Plan to continue to identify important ways to enhance public education
  • Conducting numerous research studies in education
  • Developing progressive course materials covering important topics not available in the government curriculum

The Difference You Can Make

Indifference is the surest way to erode Public Education – and to undermine the diverse, prosperous society it helps create.

We invite you to explore the issues, contribute to the discussion and actively support public education policies and funding.

In this section of the website, you will find publications and discussions of key issues in education. In our Resources section you will find educational and political links that will help you further pursue your commitment to public education.

If you are a parent, member or member of the media, we also offer additional content to support your interest in public education.

We invite your comments and feedback.