Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA)

AMPA 2021 Election · Niru Philip for Vice President


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Niru Philip for Vice President

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Niru Philip
District 35, Universities

“Let us not take thought for our separate interests, but let us help one another.”

I know you honour the OSSTF/FEESO motto and so have I since my first day in organized labour 25 years ago. I was there at the creation of WLUSA, helping pave the way to a local bargaining unit filled with integrity, trust and leadership. This wasn’t by chance. There was a plan and vision that has been passed on to a new generation of leaders, leaders who have been mentored just as I was years ago. I am proud of the members who chose to stand up and unionize as WLUSA did in ‘95 and to stand strong during a 50-day strike in 2002.  When WLUSA joined OSSTF/FEESO 10 years ago I felt the solidarity of a great Union. It has now given me strength and confidence to take the next step.

My brothers and sisters I am ready to serve. 

Allow me to bring my strategy, my energy, my passion, and my commitment to the Provincial Executive. I ask you to place your trust in me and I shall nurture, protect and grow that trust by not taking thought for our separate interests, but helping one another. I look forward to speaking with you at AMPA and sharing my vision with you.