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Brad Bennett, General Secretary


Brad Bennett
Brad Bennett
General Secretary

Before working at OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office, Brad was the Teacher Bargaining Unit and District President in the District 9, Greater Essex. He has been employed by OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office since February 2006 and was promoted to Director of Negotiations and Contract Maintenance in September 2011. Brad was appointed to the position of Associate General Secretary – Protective Services in April 2016.

As the Associate General Secretary of Protective Services, Brad had various statutory and non-statutory responsibilities, including the coordination of central table negotiations.

Brad has represented OSSTF/FEESO on the Central Labour Relations Committee, the Central Dispute Resolution Committee and numerous committees and workgroups dealing with various Ministry Initiatives. He also represents OSSTF/FEESO as a trustee on the Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT).

Brad was appointed as the Interim General Secretary in December 2020.

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