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Lori Foote, Associate General Secretary

Lori Foote

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Lori has lived in four provinces in Canada as well as in Germany. She attended the University of Alberta and the University of Victoria and then taught for 3 years at a private girl’s school in Victoria before coming to Streetsville S.S. in Peel in 1991. As well as teaching English and a wide variety of other subjects, Lori worked with students in many extra-curricular activities and with her colleagues in federation activities.

She held many positions in District 19 Peel before becoming the Teacher Bargaining Unit and District President in 1999. In September 2004, she became a member of staff in the Educational Services Department at Provincial Office.

Lori was appointed OSSTF’s Director of Communications/Political Action in September 2007 and assumed the role of Associate General Secretary of Professional Services in 2011.


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