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About Us

Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA)

OSSTF/FEESO conducts an Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA) with representatives from all its bargaining units each March.

The Provincial Assembly is the supreme legislative body of OSSTF/FEESO and is responsible for establishing or amending Federation policies, bylaws, constitutions, budgets, the annual Action Plan and for the election of the Provincial Executive and OTF Governors.

Difficulty with Online Submissions of Resolutions for AMPA 2020

Sorry! Our online submission of resolutions portal is temporarily unavailable. Please submit motions directly by email using AMPA2020Resolutions@osstf.ca and include the following fields:


Cost Estimate:

BIRT (Be it resolved that)

Rationale of not more than 150 words:

Provincial body or District:

Provincial committee or bargaining unit:

First name:

Last name:


Phone #:

E-mail address:

The deadline for the submission of on-time resolutions has now passed. Resolutions can still be submitted as per the directions above, however they will be considered “late motions”.