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AMPA 2021 Election · Laura Drexler for OTF Governor


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Laura Drexler for OTF Governor

A Strong Advocate. Always Here for you.

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Laura Drexler
District 12, Toronto

Why would Laura run for OTF Governor 5 times on her own dime?

I believe in our profession, our pensions, and our public education system. Now is the time to advocate for our pensions and keep them secure and intact. We have paid into them and now see them at risk with pressures from early valuation, de-indexing and soaring contribution rates (that the government doesn't want to match). Laura Drexler is committed to finding a solution and committed to communicating with members. Your pension matters. Effective communication between you and your representatives matter. Elect someone who cares. No union dues have been spent on this campaign. Elect someone who wants to represent you; not a stepping stone to provincial office.

An OTF governor also represents you at AMPA for 2 years. Elect someone who will speak up for you and be an effective representative for everyone; Laura Drexler. I bring 20+ years of education experience, team building skills, and my passion for progress to work for you as OTF Governor. I'm an OT and volunteer my time to stand up for you. My OSSTF involvement includes 13 AMPAS, 3 summer Leaderships, representing OTs on CBC, Teacher Council, PD Committees, as well as serving as an OT Vice President.

I look forward to conversations with you.

Call me at 289 851 8402. Text me at 519 590 9738. See the OTF Governor Tab at