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Hayssam Hulays - Executive Officer


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Hayssam Hulays
Executive Officer

Hayssam Hulays is a teacher in Toronto and is an executive officer with the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO).

Hayssam holds a postgraduate degree in Math specializing in Financial Risk Management and completed his Bachelor of Education at the University of Western Ontario. Hayssam has been an OSSTF/FEESO union activist since he started his teaching career in 2002. He has provided leadership at the Bargaining Unit, District, and provincial levels, and has represented OSSTF/FEESO members as a Branch President, as a Teacher Bargaining Unit Executive Officer, and as an OTF Governor.

Hayssam brings a broad perspective of the labour movement and its role in progressive politics. He is a dedicated advocate for human rights and social justice and looks forward to building on his history of activism as a member of the Provincial Executive.

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