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World Teachers' Day 2021

TORONTO, ON – October 5, 2021 — Initiated by UNESCO in 1994, World Teachers’ Day recognizes the crucial role that the teaching profession plays in improving the health of society.

The Canadian Teachers’ theme for World Teachers’ Day 2021 is Celebrating Teachers – we see you, value you, and applaud you/Honneur aux enseignant·es! On vous apprécie et on vous dit merci. 

The global pandemic continues to present unprecedented challenges for teachers and education workers in Canada, but also around the world. The day provides the occasion to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide, to reflect on our achievements, and to listen to the voices of front-line teachers who, along with the education team, are the heart of the entire publicly-funded education system.

Teachers are instrumental in shaping our communities and are the framework of ethics, truth and justice in our world. They instill a sense of belonging, equality, inclusion, and compassion in their students and classrooms.

Teachers, in tandem with the broader education team, continue to provide leadership across the province during an unprecedented crisis. OSSTF/FEESO members have not settled for the status quo, instead they remained focused on re-imagining the future of publicly-funded education, and ways that will protect and enhance the quality of education for all students – from early learning to post-secondary.

Teachers have risen to the occasion and they continue to step up while protecting the integrity of their students’ learning. Together we are the champions of our students and of the right to accessible, well-funded, public education. 

On World Teachers’ Day, we invite everyone join the celebrations taking place in over 100 countries around the world, and help the world gain a better understanding of teachers, and acknowledge and thank teachers here at home and globally for their dedication, passion, and innovative efforts to support student success.

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