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School Environment

The impact that a well-maintained, clean and safe school environment has on student achievement

In 2007 the Provincial Executive had proposed in the Annual Action Plan a research study aimed at verifying the importance and value of using board employed staff in providing student services, namely the professional student service personnel.  The resulting report, Enhancing Services, Enhancing Success (PDF), was used to help establish outside agency protocols around the province and assist in protecting important support service jobs.

The 2013–2014 Annual Action Plan included a research project that examines the relationship between school cleanliness/maintenance and student performance.  The study was to clearly demonstrate the importance of adequate funding for the maintenance of current structures and could be used to demonstrate that improving the overall building condition is a cost effective way to achieve measurable improvements in student performance.

The School Environment Impact Research Study (PDF) was completed and presented at AMPA 2014.

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