2016—2017 · Vol. 44 No. 2



Community involvement

OSSTF/FEESO continues its tradition of community involvement through charities and coalitions.

Each year our Federation chooses a worthy charity to support and makes donations and contributions toward a number of organizations working to improve the lives of Canadians.

This year, OSSTF/FEESO has once again chosen KIDS HELP PHONE as our designated charity. During its twenty-six year history, Kids Help Phone has greatly expanded its outreach as a bilingual national organization serving children and teens in need of counselling, advice and intervention. Kids Help Phone now provides direct phone and online support to over
2.2 million requests for help each year, including young people living in rural and remote communities across Canada where supports are not readily available. The Kids Help Phone website also provides access to resources on a wide variety of issues including sexuality, harassment and bullying, drugs and alcohol, dating, and family relationships. Youth awareness materials are provided to schools free of charge to help build awareness of Kids Help Phone services and how to access them.

Kids Help Phone is also one of four organizations working together in partnership to provide Good2Talk, a free, confidential, and anonymous helpline providing professional counselling and information and referrals for mental health, addictions, and well-being to post-secondary students aged 17–25 in Ontario.

In addition, the Federation allocates resources to support labour-based and community organizations that advocate on behalf of many issues aligned with our policies. We are members, for example, of coalitions working to protect healthcare and childcare in Ontario. We sit on equal pay coalitions and work to defend the rights of women; parents, teens and those affected by racism, poverty and mental illness. Pride celebrations and the campaigns initiated by Egale Canada are supported by donations and our attendance at fundraising events. This year, we have even supported the work of a students’ group educating against impaired driving. We also set aside annual donations for striking workers at Christmas time so that family members can receive gifts
and groceries.

Dozens of requests are received each month and members can rest assured that each one of them receives thorough consideration.

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