2016—2017 · Vol. 44 No. 2



Dec 6 Materials

This year OSSTF/FEESO is continuing its great work with the White Ribbon Campaign, the YWCA and the London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC). We are making available a number of materials that we hope you can use at your worksites to ‘POST…DISCUSS…ACT.’

Some of the activities that you can organize in your worksites are:

  • Encourage the use and display of materials in classrooms.
  • Encourage discussion on the importance of gender equality and sexual consent.
  • Create bulletin board displays to commemorate the Montreal Massacre and raise awareness of violence against women in our society. Displays should include the names of the 14 murdered women, red roses, OSSTF/FEESO December 6 poster, White Ribbon signing poster, statistics on violence, relevant newspaper articles, student-created posters etc.
  • Collect money and donate to a local
    women’s shelter.
  • Organize a school candlelight vigil.
  • Distribute white ribbons to all male students and staff in homerooms.
  • Announce on the school-wide PA the events that occurred on December 6, read the names of the women who were murdered simply because they were women, and encourage students to work to end violence, in all its forms, within their school and their community. Then, have a moment
    of silence.
  • Extend the conversation by using the back of this year’s OSSTF/FEESO December 6 poster to educate about street harassment and its pervasiveness in our workplaces and lives.
  • Change your twitter and Facebook profile pic to the December 6 rose by going here: www.osstf.on.ca/en-CA/news/

You can order the December 6 materials, which include the OSSTF/FEESO rose poster (with rose on one side and YWCA street harassment infographics on the opposite side), Purple Lapel Violence Against Women Awareness Pins (with proceeds going to LAWC) and the White Ribbon Campaign signing posters through your District office.

If you have any questions or need materials, please contact tracey.marshall@osstf.ca.

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