2016—2017 · Vol. 44 No. 4


2016—2017 · Vol. 44 No. 4



Candy or coal in their stocking

Candy or coal in their stockingSanta knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. We’ve been able to obtain Santa’s classified list that tracks who will be getting some candy in their stockings and who will be getting a lump of coal.

Patrick Brown—Coal

Confusion over his support...or was it opposition...to the new physical and health education (aka sex ed) curriculum, and his inability to be clear on any of his policies puts him on the naughty list.

Cindy Blackstock—Candy

Her relentless advocacy for First Nations children, including a Human Rights Tribunal victory against the federal government for their inequitable funding of child welfare services for children living on reserves, has earned her great respect among all Canadians.

OPSBA and the CTA—Coal

For their persistence in placing petty administrative concerns and a spiteful management-rights agenda above the needs of students, the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association and the Council of Trustees’ Associations receive a truckload of coal.

Local OSSTF/FEESO Leaders—Lots of Candy

For their countless hours of work supporting their local members, and for working through many of the challenges we have all faced this year.


The online test disaster in the fall led to a fury of criticism by parents, students and education workers. It’s time to dedicate its annual budget of $33 million to actually helping kids.

Sandra Jansen (Alberta MLA)—Candy

Crossing the floor from the PC Party to join Rachel Notley’s NDP Government, Jansen faced brutally misogynistic comments, many from members of her former party. Jansen has been public about the harassment she has faced, and has pushed back against those who would belittle her and other women in politics.

Justin Trudeau—Coal

Despite great optimism by many Canadians, Trudeau and the Liberals appear to be on the verge of breaking a significant campaign promise—real electoral reform. A great disappointment indeed.

Canadian Labour Congress—Candy

Using its strong voice to represent Canadian workers, the CLC was a key player in getting the Canadian Government to implement a ban on asbestos by 2018. This will go a long way to protecting the health of many workers in the future.

All Members of OSSTF/FEESO—Candy, Candy, Candy!

For all of the work that you do for our students, whether they are in the early years, elementary school, secondary school, university or learning a second language, Santa will stuff some extra candy in your stockings this year!

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