2016—2017 · Vol. 44 No. 6



AMPA elects new Executive

Delegates at AMPA 2017 elected a new OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Executive, as well as Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) governors. These members will serve a two-year term commencing July 1, 2017.

Harvey Bischof (District 13, Durham) was acclaimed as President and has been a member of the Provincial Executive since 2007, most recently serving as a Vice-President. Harvey is an English teacher with the Durham District School Board.

Cindy Dubué (District 25, Ottawa-Carleton) was re-elected as a Vice-President and has been with the Provincial Executive since 2011. Cindy has been a support staff worker with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board since 1983.

Rob Gascho (District 24, Waterloo) was elected as a Vice-President. He was first elected to the Provincial Executive in 2013 as an Executive Officer. Rob has been a teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board since 1999.

Earl Burt (District 12, Toronto) was acclaimed as Treasurer, a position he has held on the Provincial Executive since 2009. Earl has been a history teacher since 1991 with the Toronto District School Board.

Paul Caccamo (District 6A, Thunder Bay) was elected as an Executive Officer. Paul has served as an OTF Governor since 2015 and is a teacher with the Lakehead District School Board in Thunder Bay.

Martha Hradowy (District 9, Greater Essex) was elected as an Executive Officer. Martha has been an educational assistant and a developmental service worker with the Greater Essex District School Board since 1996.

Karen Littlewood (District 17, Simcoe) was elected as an Executive Officer. Karen started teaching at the elementary level and is currently a secondary school teacher with the Simcoe County District School Board.

The following members will serve as OSSTF/FEESO representatives at the Ontario Teachers’ Federation—Table Officer: Michelle Teixeira (District 12, Toronto); Governors: Kim Appel (District 25, Ottawa–Carleton); Stephen Helleiner (District 14, Kawartha Pine Ridge); Malini Leahy (District 2, Algoma); Kelly McCarthy (District 20, Halton) Parker Robinson (District 4, Near North).

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